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So what should WE in NE do in the winter??

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This winter I want to try snowshoeing. 

Most winters I order my seeds for the garden, read garden books and start my seedlings.
My friends get together a large order at each December.  We buy in bulk and divide up the seeds.  This saves us a ton of money. 

In January-March I stock up on coupons and buy most of the personal hygiene supplies, soaps and other cleaning supplies for the year.  Many companies have great coupons out and the stores have great sales and clearance.  Combining the sales an coupons saves me a bundle of money on things I am brand specific about.
I also knock out a bunch of Christmas shopping for the next year.

I go to the Liberty Forum every year. It is a great event and I first heard Jack there.  8)

GROW FOOD! Read Elliot Colemans books. Start now and harvest all winter.


--- Quote from: drag0nk1ng on November 07, 2011, 06:29:01 AM ---My family spends the winter months:

* Planning for Spring Gardening
* Working with our livestock
* Research Prepping and farming ideas
* Most Importantly... TRY NOT TO FREEZE TO DEATH
--- End quote ---

+1 and love your tag line, In Maine, you?

Thinking this appropriate for the summertime revival of this thread:

'Tis the season. I figured this topic was bump-worthy. I do a lot of indoor maintenance. Paint, carpet, floor. I rent so I get reimbursed by the landlord for time and mats. This goes into prep stock(and yes, some fun).


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