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So what should WE in NE do in the winter??

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So, I'm wondering, a lot of these tips/suggestions/plans in the forum are put out there for people who are not subject to the random climate that we are, so what's a prepper to do? Obviously making food and heat preps are necessary, but how else should we prep? I currently am not fiscally stable enough to own property, so how can I prep my potted soil for the spring garden? What other preps should I be looking forward to? How does one transform from grasshopper to ANT when we're so dependent on other things?

Experiences are a plus, all recommendations welcome!

*Just stats for myself, currently living in Enfield (Thompsonville, YIKES!), renting, and living on a very modest income. The fiance and I are young, debt-free, and she's semi on board with the whole survivalist thing.

So what's a guy to do other than hoarding food and reading up??

We've started an indoor garden ... pictures soon.  My wife is quilting and crocheting with our daughters.  We all go to the range with reasonable frequency.  Experiments and learning brewing, wine making, and preservation techniques for various kinds of food are going on this winter.  Improving physical fitness and learning new skills in this realm.  We could get into politics too, but I don't think that's where your question was going.

Aside from the usual winter things, I find that this is a great time for "lists" and for reading.
Make sure you have car kits for the vehicles, then settle down to making a real paln for SHTF, learning a skill, finding other like minded people and planning a garden of sorts.

The basic process I use(d) was what systems am I dependent on, what can I do to mitigate the effect if they are removed. If you are rural the impact is likely to be higher and for a longer duration than if you are in a more urban area. Prepare for ice and snow disrupting your life, then your local area's life, then region, etc... A good ice storm isn't that uncommon and can actually be a bit of a disaster depending on the scale and the area affected. It can be overcome with some planning and forethought.

I'm not sure of the etiquette, so I will link to it as opposed to copying and pasting it.

This is my experience with the 08-09 ice storm:
Broken1's Ice-PAW 09 (Dec08 NH Ice Storm)

A couple other threads from the same event:

Herbalpagan knows, she was there. Hi Herbal!

Reading up has been mentioned here plenty.. but practice some basic home skills.

The wife just picked up a sewing machine and is practicing on some old clothes, we're also experimenting with repurposing a bunch of things and crafts.

Cold winter days are a great time to experiment with new recipes and so forth, as the heat put off by the oven isn't going to waste.


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