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Chainmail as stab protection!


chainmail as stab protection
I saw a pretty old post regarding this subject, and thought I'd share my thoughts on it, as i think serval important points didn't come up.
First of all most who replied, only seemed to think that chainmail would only offer protection against smaller slashing attacks, but would not make it against a knife stab.

That is of course nonsense. If we disregard the typical medieval variants of both butted and riveted maille, and keep in mind the ones with soldered rings, we're getting close.

Modern variants of the chainmail is quite different. Good quality stainless steel rings, that are welded shut, is much stronger then the medieval variants. Anything with a wire thickness of 0.63 mm + will stop a knife stab, the more the merrier of course. Ziegler, a company in Germany, are specializing in chainmail, both for medieval enthusiasts and safety. Their safety shirts are made of extremely strong high tensile stainless steel. 1 mm thick wire, and about 7 mm outer diameter. It will stop any handheld knife stab. Keep in mind the effect descent padding has.

Much would depend on the diameter of the weapon. Poisoned, it could be only a hatpin.


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