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DDP Yoga


David in MN:
Has anyone tried Diamond Dallas Page's yoga workout?

I'm curious to try something that will focus on mobility and flexibility. I've done yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi in the past but this would be something I would be more dedicated to. I first saw it in the docu The resurrection of Jake the Snake:

Which is a brutal tale of alcohol and drugs and how they destroyed both Jake the Snake and Scott Hall (Razor Ramon). DDP plays the hero in the film, getting them both sober and into his yoga classes.

If you've seen it or done it let me know. $75 for DVDs isn't a high price if it's easy to stick to. Especially if it's one of those things I can do late at night to relax after the family goes to bed.

The Professor:

Interested, also.

The Professor

  I feel that the value is keyed to the level of dedication and effort you put forth.


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