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  A situation occurred yesterday that brought to mind some thoughts about small battery chargers and the level to which the technology has risen. One of my first chargers used a diode and a 'Christmas' light bulb to limit current to up to four batteries at a time charging...and it worked as it disconnected from AC Mains when the charger door was opened. I had long ago decided that a charger that charges 'one cell at a time' was best to avoid unbalanced cells in devices as a weak cell will only charge for so long and often not get balanced...and "the HORROR" I discovered that a charger in my Ham Shack would only charge AA and AAA cells 'two at a time' and so,after a few years use,the cells charged in that charger developed problems that made me blame the AA ENELOOP cells ,until I pulled out one of my NEW held on reserve,one at a time chargers and immediately was informed that all of my cells were GOOD,just some were not charging as much as the needed to the much dreaded "MEMORY EFFECT" and now I know that a one at a time charger is IMPORTANT ,even a simple one with no display is far better that any two at a time charger. The current smart chargers are a big improvement and the chargers that display and test...even recover cells are worth the price...don't skimp on such items.

Yep!  I picked up a charger that does 4 batteries at a time individually with charge logging.  I am now writing charge values and dates on the batteries so I can "balance" the cells. 

A good digital display charger isn't all that much more expensive than a "good" led light status charger these days. So much more functionality.

Plus,  mine had a spot for a car charge cable so I have it plugged into my solar system so I charge my batteries from the sun which makes me happy even though it's not really cost effective.

There are chargers and chargers....some of the real cheap chargers are single channel and don't balance between each cell.  When dealing with this hardware it is very important that you use batteries that have about the same starting voltage.

Now the D4 NITECORE charger I have can charge 4 different cells at the same time and it will adjust the voltage to to keep the battery from being over / under charged.

Once a year I go thru my stack of batteries and re-validate that the work and have a full charge.


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