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David in MN:
I'm serious. This is kind of a new fad workout for serious bodybuilders. It goes like this: Do a set to exhaustion. Put the weights down for 10 or so deep breaths. Repeat to exhaustion. Put the weights down for 10 or so deep breaths. Repeat to exhaustion.

It has gotten a lot of attention from lifters. It's NOT a beginner routine, you need form down. It's also a little odd almost hyperventilating and pushing through to lift more. I'm not claiming to be a big expert, I've just done it a couple times but oh man does it wear me out. And I'm a long term HIT user so exhaustion is comfortable.

I'm curious if anyone has tried or has thoughts.

I have done the rest pause work in the past for some stuff, it definitely gives you a pump. But I haven't ran it long enough to know it it actually creates a different stimulus than just normal sets, or super sets, etc...
I remember reading about Doggcrapp from the guy that thought it up, Dante something, back in like 2010? He said that the basis of his training is heavy reps, rest pause, and stretching. There was probably more, but that's what I recall as the staples of it. Hard to argue with those principles though.
But as you mentioned, it's certainly not for beginners. I can see lots of possible problems with a beginner going to failure on the bench, then trying for more a couple times.

David in MN:
I've done a few tries at it. Not for the faint of heart. But I also like it because in an odd way it lets you add reps quickly. The 10 6 3 easily becomes an 11 5 4.

Hate to admit it but I like these workouts because of age. I've had enough injuries and setbacks to prevent me from doing the one rep max type lifting I did in my 20s. I like the higher rep progressive overload for strength. And I really like that Doggcrapp (like Arthur Jones' HIT) gets me in and out in 30 minutes. I just don't have 2 hours a day anymore.

I'm no expert. But I'll do a few Doggcrapps every month because I like the progression. If I find something I'll post it.

I might add some in as well. I just got done with a block of higher intensity, lower volume training for a meet. I plan to increase the reps a bit to the 8-12 range, and drop the loads for a while. Give my body a break and build up some work capacity.
I hear you about the 20's being gone. I used to be able to drink, barely sleep, then lift heavy constantly. Now I really have to put a priority on all the little details to be able to do a percentage of what I used to.

In high school ('60s) we did what they called super sets. Heaviest bar you could lift for as many times as you could having 2 helpers standing by to take the bar when you couldn't move it. Then just a bare bar as many times as you could. Surprising how fast you came to "can't move the little bar".


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