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 I have had a lot of problems with stiffness in my right wrist from playing the guitar and working on the computer. I was going to yoga, it took me several months to just realize that simple push ups and yoga exercises that put weight on that hand was the main thing I needed to focus on. While all the other yoga stuff was cool, that was really all I needed to spend most of my time on for the most part and it has helped a lot. I tend to do half push ups from being on my knees.

I had also spent a few months going to a personal trainer class once a week to deal with this as well. I ordered books also. The only other thing that helped was getting a better computer desk because I was looking down using the old desk set up and my shoulders were having pain. The personal trainer made the observation about my shoulder.

I was just at the gym and bouncing a 6 pound medicine ball of the floor one handed and alternating each hand. I could feel that that type of movement and exercise was working out some other kind of stiffness in my forearm so I just ordered a 6 pound medicine ball off of amazon. The 8 pounder was ok but the 6 pounder felt like the right one.  They used to have a 20 pound ball there but people were throwing too hard on the floor and ruptured it so they no longer have it. That is a two handed thing and I had been using that for a while but since it is gone I was playing around with some of the other smaller balls.

Sounds like a good solution, Surf.

I spend a lot of my day working at the computer because of the nature of my work... I have a laptop support (bought it at IKEA several years ago for nearly nothing) that brings the keyboard up at an angle. That really seems to help me keep my wrists at the proper angle to prevent carpal tunnel problems.

David in MN:
There is something magical about the 2 handed medicine ball slam. You start deep back behind the shoulders and rotate to full power and then have to catch it on the rebound. I can't tell you why but boxers swear by it.

If you are looking for great medicine ball workout, check out  The Tarheels Workout.  Start out going through 1 time and build up from there.


 When I did the one hand dribble with the 6 pound ball, first I hold it in my hand with palms facing up. Then as I go to bounce it of the floor the palms go down. The ball comes back up and once again I am holding it with palms facing up then I switch to the other hand. That whole series of movement as well as the upfaced palms seems to cause me to notice something in my fore arm. I have come to realize that when there is tension or stiffness in my muscles, when I do certain movements or exercises .. I can usually feel something and that it indicates that that movement is doing something to loosen or stretch out the tendons and muscles where the stiffness is.

 That 6 pound ball should arriving be in the mail soon. I may order a 20 pound ball at some point. I feel I like medicine balls because they are natural in some way


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