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finger problems due to stiff shoulder or similar non intuitive things

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 I have had a finger problem due to playing the guitar too much and working on the computer all day. I get stiffness in my index finger and have had to change how I hold a pick with different fingers. I have been going to a trainer that has small classes. I just started today. She says my finger problem is related to a stiff shoulder. That seems counter intuitive but kind of in line with some things I have heard or impressions I get from chinese medicine or alt health.

 She also noted my left hip was stiffer than my right hip and seemed to indicate if the upper right body is problematic it translates into the lower left body.

 How to make sense of that ? I would like to understand how that makes sense. There seems to be these different cures that are dismissed because they can't be explained yet people are being cured using these methods and what we did in the class seems to be helping

Do you carry a bag on your right shoulder like a messenger bag or a backpack that you only use the right side strap?  That could cause a problem with throwing you out of alignment as you try to compensate for your top half being out of balance.

A finger problem *could* be related to a shoulder problem if it was nerve related?  But I think you'd notice if it was nerve related, tingling or numbness or something.  Most likely it's just stiffness because of overuse and you're getting older.  Have you looked at a pick that has a finger loop?  My mom likes them a lot (she took up guitar in her 60's).

  I have many problems due to poor circulation as lack of sensation and limited motor control and ,so far, I have found one theing that helped.
A body builder supplement called NITRIC OXIDE and a MAGNESIUM SUPPLEMENT...OK it was two things. While I did not return to 'normal' ,I did greatly improve and regained some feeling to my numb extremities.

David in MN:
My right arm and left arm function very differently because I boxed for years. This is very common in musicians as well. Do a lot of stretching and yoga/pilates to help rebalance it.

Many people (me included) have limited joint mobility. If I rotate my arms as far back as they can my right arm goes a good 5 inches farther than my left which will frequently not break parallel with my body. Shoulders and hips are the most frequently impinged.

Some thoughts on fixing beyond stretching...

Is your back strong enough? This is where pullups and other back work can build the strength to fix posture. Do you have tight pectorals? No joke, a lot of shoulder issues come from tight chest muscles that pull the socket out of good posture. Stretch the chest. For supplements, I have found fish oil and vitamin D are the big ones that work for aches and pains.


--- Quote from: surfivor on November 12, 2017, 06:36:01 PM ---She also noted my left hip was stiffer than my right hip and seemed to indicate if the upper right body is problematic it translates into the lower left body.

--- End quote ---

My physical therapist has said the same thing, and he's definitely not one for alternative medicine. There are so many small muscles around all the joints, and any of them being weak or inflamed can cause problems. That "zigzag" effect has to do with simple physics; if one side is weaker, then the other side has to be stronger (i.e. exert more force) to make up for it. But, that extra force doesn't just disappear, it refers to other places in the body.

Having had numerous back, shoulder, and hand problems myself, I can say that they definitely affect one another. The injuries may have been separate, but now that they're all there they play off of each other. A PT can tell you more about the specifics of your situation, I would suggest going to see one.


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