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Hey Yall I had the chance to attend a pretty private Kali (Filipino Martial Art) class on Sunday and I greatly enjoyed it. Me, the Guru and 1 other (experienced) student. Anyone else had the chance to try it out? What did you think?

The Professor:
After over 25 years in the Martial Arts studying primarily Korean and Japanese styles, I found FMA.  I've been studying various forms of it and even encouraged my wife to study some of the more modern derivations of it.

Considering where it originated and why, I think it's a great martial art as long as you don't get too deeply into some of the various mixtures of Kool-Aid that some practitioners whip up.  Stick with the basics and have fun with it.  You'll find it's a very adaptable and practical martial art.

The Professor

Thanks! I agree fully. My local instructor prides himself on being a "normal guy" with a 9-5 who simply does this as a passion (mind you he's certified from both the Phillipines and the U.S.) he jokes about how US students have "ADHD" and so he changes weapon focus every 6 weeks (now is single stick and next is empty hand)

I AM NOT a KAli/Escrima/Arnis practitioner.  I will say this though - I LOVE the idea of that art.

To me - it is essentially the fundamentals of hand held weapons taken to the extreme.  Whereas most styles go to specific techniques - they hit the basics until they are natural.

I would recommend it as a core art for anyone interested in ANY sort of weapons training.  (And I know it applies to more than just weapons)

30+ year Chinese internal Martial artist and Kobodu practitioner.   I'd hit Fillipino styles early if I had my life to live over.

I am NOT a Kali/Escrima practitioner, but would love to find a place that teaches it and have the chance to learn. 

That being said, I have trained in various other arts that have a weapons focus within the art and love training with weapons.  Really though, weapons are just an extension of your body and are great to train with no matter what art you practice.


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