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I used my preps today...

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As I was reading through the forum over the last couple days I have seen multiple stories of people using their preps spread throughout the place. Decided it would be good to have the collection of stories in one place. A sticky maybe? So post away. I don't really have a story to start though.

Not a bad idea Steve.

This is a IUMP and a DIY -

I wound up some copper wire for Oil Lamps..  I've made four now I think.. 1 with a store bough wick, the others with cuttings from a pair of denim jeans. Used some stored Olive Oil for fuel.

Prep Items Used:

* 10ga Copper Wire
* Scrap fabric (will also make Char Cloth from it)
* Olive Oil

Yeah. Great idea.

I had four instances of using my preps in the last month:
1) I lent my cell phone charger to two separate people.
2) I had a flat tire and my spare was low on pressure so I used the portable compressor in my car to pump it up.
3) We had a power outage at my work for four days. I used multiple flash lights in the warehouses and other places without temporary power.

In the last month or so, things that come to mind are:

1)  Loaned the down jacket that I keep in my hunting kit to my hunting partner when he was shivering uncontrollably.
2)  Used my emergency jumpstarter on the wife's car when we discovered her battery couldn't handle the first cold temperatures of the season.
3)  Used the pulaski I keep behind the seat in my truck to dig out the rear end of a friend who got high centered on a rutted road in the middle of nowhere Wyoming after pulling alone proved unsuccessful.
4)  Used parachute cord to tie the legs of my deer together so I could use a makeshift travois to get it out of the woods with a bit less effort and damage.
5)  Used the cash reserve I carry to take advantage of a bargain price of $5/bail hay and purchased 80 bails vs. the typical craigslist price of $12-15/bail in the area right now.
6)  Rain-X on the windshield saved my butt when the windshield wipers suddenly stopped working during a rain storm (still haven't figured out what the problem is as it appears to be very intermitent).
7)  Used the shop vac to clean up after the washing machine drain came off the utility sink and dumped 15-20 gallons of soapy water all over the basement floor.  Also used the sump pump and squeegie to help.

I used mine recently when I went to help my sister & her boyfriend move. He laughed at my "Zombie Bag" but was greatful when I pulled out my mini tool box to disassemble a table and when they realized they had PACKED ALL the Toilet Paper!?! Oh, and I had jumper cables in my car box when his battery died in his truck, also used my phone charger and my laptop to look up the mover's number when they were late. /flex


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