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Hello from Wyoming

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Moving to Cheyenne early next year.....advice, what to expect, seasons, nursing jobs, how’s the housing market?

The Sage of Monticello:
I live south of Cheyenne about 45 minutes away. If you work in Cheyenne avoid living in places like Laramie and commuting. For one thing the Laramie housing market is comparable to an expensive big city with a million population. The University inflates the value of the market causing prices for rental to be outrageous and small old homes grossly high.

Second, the I-80 access is horrendous during the winter with heavy congestion of trucks driving in our goods for consumption and occasionally getting into wrecks. Ice and white out conditions have prompted road closures. I would guess the weather is similar to North Dakota so you won't suffer much culture shock.

Expect high winds 40 mph on average with dozens of days with gusts above that during the winter. Cheyenne is slightly warmer than Laramie, we get -30 to -50 degrees in the winter at night a few nights out of the winter.

Best thing I like is sunny winter days, they make an incredible difference for me even when it's -1 as the high during the day.

The Sage of Monticello -- thanks for the info!

as you said its not to much difference from ND.....-40 and below...i have to be close to Cheyenne.....Active Duty. So far everything i see with the community looks great! way better than Minot ND. As far as camping/shooting/off-roading things are looking great....alittle cold weather wont scare me off....the first few months will be with out wife and kids. When they show up any idea on 4H or FFA kind of stuff. I don't know where to buy(house) if i can pre plan that kinda stuff it will make life better!

Any info is appreciated

FFL's, Gun Shops in Cheyenne?


--- Quote from: wyochrissy on June 03, 2009, 10:23:25 AM ---Yea! Thanks for starting the Wyoming connection!  My husband and I are Glendo area.  I was the recent call-in gal mentioned!  :)  i was pretty stoked that my call got on the show!

--- End quote ---

I have a retreat in Glendo...out by Elk Creek.


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