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5 gal. food grade buckets for trade in Denver area


I have lots of used, but clean 5 gallon food grade buckets that have gasketed snap on lids.  Will trade.  Here are some items that I'm looking for:

junk silver
10 to 20 gallon aquarium with fluorescent light
fluorescent light fixture that is approximately two feet long
grow lights
chicken wire- need about 10 feet
pvc- need about 10 feet of 1" (elbows and tees, too) and about 2 feet of 4 or 6" (caps, too)
large coffee can with lid
12 gauge shot shells
good potting soil for container gardening
seeds- leaf lettuce, spinach, garlic, scallions, baby carrots, herbs, sprouts.

I need 15 buckets.   I have 12ga. shot shells, #8 shot reloads for trade.




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