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Fighting How You Train -- Hearing Protection

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I just got back from the range on my lunch break.  I got to thinking again about the concept of "fighting how you train" and how ear protection can possibly come into play.

Personally, I've NEVER fired a gun without hearing protection.  A part of me thinks that finding yourself in a situation where you're actually using your gun "for real" that something like this won't even matter.  But, you're not gonna tell the bad guy to wait so you can slip in some ear plugs. 

Practicing without ear protection doesn't seem like a smart thing to do, even a few times.  Has anyone done it?  Anyone with any experience, maybe military?

Peltor is your friend.  Even the really cheap electronic sets offer some protection.  Search Peltor for the high quality stuff, Caldwell, Sportsmansguide for the cheap but workable. Or just search for one of the several active electronics style hearing protection.  There is no reason to train without hearing protection. Every range I went to in the military hearing protection was mandatory.  Period.  Didn't wear any during Desert Shield/Storm. I have a nice 35% right ear and 45% left ear loss.  Oh, and the constant ring beats music anyday ::)

When it comes time to shoot, you'll just do it.  Several instructors I've talked to tell me that your body puts up some sort of a defense mechanism that protects your ears in a "situation".  I personally call BS on this, but I'm not a audiologist, so I'll let that up to them to prove/disprove.

At the range I shoot with both plugs and muffs.  At training, with active electronics cause you want to be able to hear the instructor and range commands.

One or 2 shots in a house over your lifetime probably won't cause any problem.  Repeated or constant and you're asking for trouble.

If they only offered LASIK for ears ;)


--- Quote from: Millerized on November 06, 2008, 12:21:59 PM ---Didn't wear any during Desert Shield/Storm. I have a nice 35% right ear and 45% left ear loss.  Oh, and the constant ring beats music anyday ::)

--- End quote ---
Holy crap!  I want to say "sorry to hear it" but that would seem like a bad play on words.

I only ever wore plugs or muffs at the range, until I found myself next to a guy with an M1 or 424 or something one day.  That's when I started wearing both whenever there's another person in the range.

If nothing else, I'll always serve as an example of what NOT to do. ;)

What? Speak up sonny!!!

(I even wear earplugs on the motorcycle now....need to save the hearing until the wife stops talking ;D)

When I was a teenager I had a .357 mag go off near my head, I lost high range hearing in one of my ears.  That's just from one shot.

I never shoot without hearing protection, and I don't recommend it.


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