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Election Day Celebratory Purchase SA XD(M)9

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Well, since shopping makes my wife feel better, I thought I'd do the same.

Friend of mine owns the local toy store (gun shop).  He e-mailed me last night telling me about my upcoming tactical training class being scheduled for next year.  He also let me know of a Coronation Special he was having on a new SA XD9.  I went in, not expecting to purchase anything...........yeah, you see where this is going too, don't ya?!! :( It always seems to end this way :-X

So he pulls out the new Springfield Armory XD(M) in 9mm. know I don't like.....hey....this is nice.....hmmm.....  In case you are wondering, the (M) stands for MINE! (pic at the bottom)

This is one of those "feels good" guns I was talking about in another thread.  I've heard a lot about these, the parts are now coming onto the markets (since I do all my work myself) and they've gotten pretty high reviews.  And in my hands it FEELS GOOD.

The pistol is a 19+1.  Yep, 20 rounds in the gun at one time and it doesn't feel anywhere near the thickness of my G19.....truthfully, the weight didn't feel bad either.  Pure, unadulterated, ripe for the banning firepower.  20 flippin rounds in one gun at one time.....and it's not a 22 or a rifle!!!

With the nice Pelican style case you get the pistol, 2 different sized replaceable backstraps to make it bigger or smaller grips, 2-19rd mags, mag loader, dual mag holder, Kydex style holster (all the stuff is the Kydex/Fobus/Blackhawk style plastic) along with a cable lock and cleaning brush. Match grade barrel, built in rail,  bunch of other nice features that I'm sure I overlooked once I got it in my hands.

So, I paid for it (of course, you didn't think I'd leave without paying for it.....did you?)(oh, you didn't think I'd buy it....what gave you that idea ::) ) Oh, yeah, right.  Anyway.....Bought 2 boxes of Range Safe ammo (HOLY CRAP!!! This stuff is expensive!!!) and went downstairs.  Oh, yeah, forgot to mention he has a multi lane range under the shop.  Yep....friend....good friend :)  Anyhoo, 70 rounds later, I'm smiling. 

Did I mention this pistol feels good?  It also shoots good.  First 20 or so shots were all in a ragged golf ball sized group at 5yds.  I started opening up at 7yds to about the size of a tennis ball, At 10 yards I was in full softball sized mode.  Of course, the farther I went out, the faster I was shooting and my groups were showing that.  Last 10 rounds were slow and steady, back down to my tennis ball sized group. Niiiiiiiicccccceeeeee!!!!

So, all in all, a good day.  I'd have to thank The Crowned Prince Hussein for getting me to feeling low enough that I needed something to pick me up.  Seems the Mrs. Millerized just might have something in this "shopping spree" thingy.....of course she'll never hear it from me.

I almost had to light up a cigar after reading that....oh hell....why not!  ;D

And holy crap, would you believe it, just for buying the pistol you get 2 MORE mags and another mag holder for FREE! Talk about added value!
Just fill out the redemption form and send it in!
WOW!!! Yeah, baby! Amazing what you find on the internet!

Nice ;D   Congrats!!  I've been looking at the XD(M)s, but I'm torn between 9mm and .40.  Looks like that promo runs until January, so I still have some time to decide.  I also made an election day purchase...finally bought the AR15 that I've been wanting to get.  I figured it was time to sh!t or get off the pot!  I chuckled when Jack mentioned now is the time to get one in his election day podcast.  Should have seen the gun shop I went to, they must have had record sales that day. 

I hope the gov. does decide to give us the "stimulas" that they are talking about.  And I hope that if they do, it's before Christmas so that I can "spread the wealth" in a gun shop and get an AR or AK. (My x-mas gift to me!   ;D)


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