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Is this a good deal on a Taurus 1911? Yes/No?

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My LGS (local gun shop) is having a 'Nomember Special' month and one of the many good deals is a NIB Taurus 1911 .45 acp for $499 PLUS there is also a rebate from Taurus for $75 extra off. So after tax and rebate that ~$464. I guess I'm just having one of those too good to be true moments. Please don't go into 'if it's the right gun for you' or 'if you have a need for it'. I'm just trying to figure out, is this a good deal.



Don't forget to add in the NICS fee if you have one.  Yeah, you're paying it regardless, but it's also something you can work into the price if you needed to.

For going prices, I check the buy-it-now prices on and GunBroker, as well as Shotgun News.

One good thing about local and a reason I buy there, it keeps the money local.  If the money stays local, you eventually get it back so to speak.

The NICS fee must already be factored into the total price because I've bought plenty of firearms from them. It's the price plus tax. Since it's local there is no FFL fee. My mother, who is awesome, use to have a Kimber 1911 (pro carry 2 i believe) and i know she paid the premium. Over 800 for sure.

Everything I seem to read about the Taurus (and yes, I know jack talked about the Taurus) and the prices I've reference against (online sources) seem to suggest a pretty dang good deal.

That is a good deal on any kind of a decent 1911. I bought mine, used with night sights for $400 and thought I stole it.

lol, again, that's what I wanted to know. Thanks!


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