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Taurus PT-92


Any Taurus PT-92 owners here? I have had one for 10 years and love mine. never had any problems either.

I was wondering....what srt of pare parts should I expect to wear out or fall on the PT-92. I would like to go ahead and get the parts before the failure....

I have a PT-911 which is the compact version with a nearly identical slide.  It uses the same magazines but they are slotted different as to not work in the Beretta or Taurus 92.

Honestly, I don't know about wear as nothing has worn out on mine.  I have at least 2,500 rounds through it and it functions like the day I brought it home.

Make sure you stock up on 15 round magazines, if you believe the polls lately anyway.

You could start with a spare set of springs
Maybe an extractor and firing pin. Try to find the ARMY's parts replacment list for the M9, that might give you a better idea.


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