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What kind of boots do you recommend?

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Hey all, I am in need of some hunting/camping/work boots and need some recommendations.

The details:

Bro-in-law and I will be working pretty extensively on his 16-acre piece of land. The area is pretty flat, although there is a creek that runs through the middle of the property, so I will encounter water and mud pretty regularly. We will be doing regenerative agriculture, hunting, camping, and general recreation.

What I'm looking for: Waterproof, ankle-high, multi-purpose boots that I can wear out to a deer blind in November without freezing but also hopefully stomp in a creek bed in summer. I am in the Houston area so one pair should cover all seasons.

Let's not worry about a budget for right now. I'd rather pay a little but more and get everything in one pair that will last.

What do you say?

Danner Rain forest is what I wear.

I've got a pair of Lowa boots I've been pretty happy with.  I use them for everything from hiking, to hunting, to yard work.  Mine are not waterproof though, I prefer a more breathable boot for day to day. 

Red Wings for price and need your feet properly protected.

David in MN:
My two favorites are Ecco and Red Wing. Eccos are a little lighter and more comfortable once broken in and Red Wings are beefier and offer more support and protection.


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