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We had about 1.5 hour trip back over the mountains.   It snowed higher up in the mountain ahead of us!

Here is Seneca Rocks as we passed it


We got back to the Cheat, cold rain coming down as we started to put them in.

All of the trout made it back safe and sound, sorry for the bad picture, but they are happy and swimming.


We loaded a few at a time into a bucket....

and threw them in....


So, that's it for now.   We will be monitoring and fishing.   Hoping that we start to see these fish stick around the area.   We'll try this again in the Spring too.   If we are still finding them through the Summer, I think we'll keep going until we are happy with the numbers.


--- Quote from: nelson96 on November 03, 2014, 08:32:07 AM ---Interesting, I believe that is illegal to do in Oregon.

--- End quote ---

I was cringing that he was going to be arrested any moment... and sighed relief when he said it was not against the law. It is illegal for citizens to transport live fish in Oregon without a permit. And I am sure we would end up in prison for 10 years for doing it. We can stock private ponds here however.. with permits of course.

It is hard to see (always in through water), but are they fry, fingerlings, M2's?

That is really cool you did that MSP. And sharing pictures too. May they grow to be trophy size.

Cedar - who thinks there is just NO other fish to fish for than trout


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