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Worm Bin for Bait?

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--- Quote from: katunk on September 30, 2014, 12:49:41 PM ---Mealy worms are good bait too, plus chickens love 'em as treats. Here's a how to link:

I got my mealy worms at pet smart (apparently lizards and snakes love 'em too)


--- End quote ---

I've caught loads of Aussie Bass with them before and Yellow Belly (usually with the worm suspended under a float OR tossed out with a light trace & sinker).

I've also caught Carp on them and Bream and Flathead and Catfish (eel & fork tail) and Eels and tortoises; accidental or course.

And a mate of mine loves using them on Trout in the streams near Ebor.

So they do work. But I haven't really tried them on whiting yet. When using earthworms I tend to prefer the chunky ones that you dig out of the garden as opposed to the compost variety.


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