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Jug fishing questions


Anyone have any good resources for this?

I have never done this before and would like to get into it, so many questions, including but not limited to (Channel cats is what I am after):

1) What kind of bait works for this?
2) What if I'm dropping jugs in an area that might be deeper than I am expecting (is the jug gone forever and have I doomed a fish to die that can not reasonably be harvested)?

And many more :)

I have used perch as bait. You can catch them with a rod and reel or a net. If you seine a small creak you will likely end up with plenty of bait. I always test the depth with some line and a weight, I also make it where there is a little leeway as my bait is live and I want it to be able to move some. Depending on your state limb lines are also a good way to fish.

If you don't have your line secure there is a good chance that a hooked fish will later become entangled with the trailing line. That is why it is a good idea to test the waters depth etc. before setting up, and always have everything secure.


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