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Olympic Wanderer:
Searching around I couldn't find a thread devoted to this, the hobby that you can enjoy indoors and out.

My favorite trout killer:

I remember growing up and my mom tied lots of flies. These were the best in my area so they will always hold a spot in my heart.

I have a basic kit that I use to mess around and experiment with different designs. I don't have a fly rod anymore, so I don't use them, it's mainly a relaxation thing for me, although occasionally I'll head up to the creek and use those little clear bobbers that you fill partially with water and throw a few flys in.

What are your favorite flys / materials / fishing spots and memories ?


I like the Prince Nymph bead heads,

and Blue Wing Olives

I have fly tying materials, but not done it in a very long time.

I've also recently tried the fly bubbles, but didn't do well with them

I have not tied or fly fished in a long while.
Still have my set of tying stuff that I got back in '80 or '81.
I keep telling myself once the basement is cleaned and "finished" and tying and reloading bench are not far behind.

I remember fly fishing as a kid.  I went fly fishing on the Rogue River in Oregon one time.  Tons of fun.  I don't know what type of fishing they do here in Texas.  I haven't been in years.  I remember my dad used to tie flies.  I never learned.


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