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Metal Detector Recomendations

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For years, I have wanted a metal detector, and I'm finally going to get one.  If I can keep my Inner Little Kid contained, I'll wait until tomorrow, but I really want to get it NOW!

So I looked around a bit, and I think I like the Bounty Hunter QD2GWP Quick Draw II.  It comes with a pin pointer and a carry bag, so that's nice.  At $151.97 (free shipping - thank you Amazon Prime), it sounds like a really good deal, and I like that they state it's waterproof because I might want to use it in streams or at the beach.  It's actually coming in at a slightly lower price than the standard Quick Draw II that doesn't say it's waterproof and doesn't come with the accessories.  Seller appears to be Bounty Hunter and the reviews are good (4.2 out of 5 stars, which is good for something electronic that gets used outside a lot).

Any thoughts?

Anything else I might need that I wouldn't think of until it's too late?

I did end up getting a Kindle book about starting out too.

Im going to get a Garrett to search my property eventually.

Just a little out of budget for me, but I did like the looks of that one.

I've been considering a metal detector for my wife.  Knowing nothing about them, I went looking for some experts on internet forums.  Over on the Friendly Metal Detecting Forum, I found the Garret that ncjeeper wants is considered a good introductory system.  Bounty Hunters get poo-poohed, but there is some love for them -

You definitely get what you pay for, but that BH kit looks like a deal.  There's always Craigslist - I've seen a few good ones listed there.

I had it in my cart, went back a couple of hours later and the price was not what I thought.  It was $197.   >:(

But still... it seemed like a good deal, so I ended up getting it.  I also got a metal cat litter scoop for $7 that will do for now.


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