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Most creeks, rivers, lakes and ponds have catfish. They are easy to catch and usually top-shelf dinner. You can use trot lines, jug lines and other passive methods to catch them. ***CAUTION!!! USING A ROD AND REEL MAY CAUSE HANGOVERS***    If you have a small pond they can be farmed for a regular harvest.
There are regional tips that should be shared.

"There is more than one way to skin a cat"
The difference between a catfish and lawyer??  --- one is a scum sucking bottom feeder and the other is a fish.

Do you use the stink bait, or other traditional stuff like worms?

I normally use chicken livers, fresh if possible, the frozen ones don't stay on the hook as well. Cheese bait works well too, it can be kept in a cool place and wont go bad for quite some time. I've had the best luck with "Bills cheese bait" it comes in a mayo. jar. Use a piece of real sponge about the size of a grape, on a #2 gold shiner hook with a split shot about a foot above. Just dip it in the cheese and cast it and let it settle to the bottom. Use the same rig for livers. You can cut livers with a sharp knife and get several usable pieces out of one liver.
You will find that lake and river catfish don't have the muddy taste of farm raised fish.

I have done a fair amount of cat fishing. I agree that chicken liver is a good choice if you can keep it on a hook. I use a piece of ladies hose to hold the liver together and keep it on a hook.

In our area Flat Head, Blue, and Channel cats prevail. We use any kind of cut bait as a rule. I have found that in river or lakes that have fresh water supply that live bait works better on Flat Heads. Blues respond well to live or dead bait.

For live bait we use herring, crappie, and bluegills. We use the same for cut bait. We cut the bait fish across the gills and fillet one side about 3/4 of the way to the tail.

The size fish you catch sometimes correlates to the size bait you start with.

I also agree that river cats and freshwater lake cats are better table fare than pond or farm raised.

One thing about using bait or game fish for catfish bait is that you will be using food to fish with. In a survival situation this may not be good order. In a survival situation where every ounce of fresh protein could be critical, it may be better to go with the fish oil soaked fake bait. You can also use a mixture of cotton seed meal and grits mixed with sweet stuff and or fish oil to make a dough ball. Dough balls work well on trot lines and jugs since no casting is involved and the dough can be stuck on the tip of the hook. It will stay on the hook better this way than with casting.


Louisiana Suvivor:
liver works good but i've been able to catch the cat fish w/o bait. i've found a cove where they like to hang out and just dropped the hook in front of they're mouth. sad for them but it's good for me! LOL. you have way better chances if you have bait though.


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