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My catfishing experience.


I did cat fishing in summer of 2007. I fished from dusk til dawn each time weather I caught anything or not. I usually used 4 poles (rod and reel). I had 4 Y sticks I made from dowel rods and steel rods I bent to make the Y. I taped the steel rods on top to form a Y. This was for resting the poles.   I used rubber bands to hold the poles in the Y as I found out the cat fish can bounce the poles out them. I use both bells and chem lights on the end of my rods.

I had a good lawn chair and a book to read along with a hat light. I had other larger lantern lights nearby if I needed to turn them on. I had a poncho in case of rain. For bait I found best success to be with live minnows. Bass minnows. I had Styrofoam buckets with DD cell battery powered aireators. I had no problems with minnows staying alive til dawn. I tried livers and sink bait.. didn't like that at all. I thin if you sun dry the livers first it might work better. I tried the liver in panty hose, didn't seem to work for me.  I had such good success with minnows I didn't see a reason to not use them though. I didn't have luck with those dead minnows you can get in the packets however.

My rigging was a weight tied to the line about 10 inches up from the hook. This allowed the minnow to swim inches off the bottom. A Mosquito head net is a must along with 100% deet spray. "Off" spray did little to stop swamp mosquitoes. Dip nets, baskets and such are needed.

I'd really like to have a pontoon boat with some rod holders for catfishing. Not sure when i'll get to try that though.

One night I caught about 25 lbs of fish total. Another night I sit there all night with nothing but turtles steeling my bait. Another night I caught a good sized flat head about 2 am but nothing else. It was nice in the Arkansas summer, it seemed that on the water the temps were about 70 to 75 degrees not long after dark and beginning to get chilly just before sunrise.


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