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Anybody turtle trap?

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easy turtle catching / fishing.
strong line , small strong hook, a soup can with a hole punched in the bottom and a bicycle inner tube.
Tie the line to a good tree to anchor , then tie line to the inner tube, leave a fair sized loop of line and tie to the bottom of the inner tube.
Then run the line through the hole in the can bottom ( open portion of the can should be facing the hook end of the line )  tie on the hook and bait with tough meat ( chunk of fish/ clam/ beef melt basicly any meat)
set like a normal limb line so the bait doesnt touch the bottom( this helps to keep crawdads from stealing it)
you may well catch fish as often as turtles.
whats the can for ? well thats simple if you have ever dealt with a snapper , its to cover the turtles head so it cant bite you .
Now you can set these right at the edge of the bank with the hook and bait inside the can  if you dont want to chance catching a fish, Of course then you may be taking the chance of catching a coon (BTW they get really mean when they have a hook in the gut and 5 ft of line to work with)
    Nothing new about this method, My GrandPa taught me ,so its been tried and true for at least 4 generations

Been years since I have used this method, but we used a 55 gal drum. Top cut out and holes in the bottom. Used floatation, usually scrap styrofoam, to keep top about 8 inches above water. Then a board hinged to side and bait stapled under edge that will be inside drum. Play with the length to get a balance that does not take to much to flip up and dump them. A small piece of floatation under the outside part of board will help.  Don't know if legal now or where you are at.

russel: there is one in the hunting sub

The Meat Trapper:
I use a Quarles turtle trap. It's a floating trap and it works great. It is my favorite method for catching snappers. Here's a video of it:

Newt Sterling, a trapper in New Jersey, has a DVD out called "Turtles by the Ton."  I have not seen  the video but he is well thought of in the trapping community.  Might be worth a look.

You can find it at his online store:
Or at other trapping supply houses. 


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