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Anybody turtle trap?

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The Meat Trapper:

--- Quote from: Mandevu on May 08, 2013, 07:54:46 PM ---Newt Sterling, a trapper in New Jersey, has a DVD out called "Turtles by the Ton."  I have not seen  the video but he is well thought of in the trapping community.  Might be worth a look.

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That video is what got me started in turtle trapping, specifically with the Quarles trap. He covers hoop nets, the Quarles trap, using a stealth submerged cage trap, trapping location, and has the best footage of cleaning a turtle I have ever seen. He shows two different methods  - one for making soup using the shell and one for the meat. I thought I knew how to clean a turtle until I watched that video. I used to catch turtles with hooks, but had a lot of robbed hooks, broken lines and I also caught small turtles and couldn't release them as they die when they get a hook in the throat.

Between my trap and that video I invested about a hundred bucks - but I can catch as many turtles as I want now - easily.

Newt is quite the character! I recommend the video to anyone wanting to learn how to catch turtles in a serious manner.


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