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Anybody turtle trap?

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Looking for a couple diagrams on turtle traps.  I've found the "ramp and box style" traps.. And read of guys running lines.  What works for you, what kinda traps do u run?

Check your local game laws to see what is legal.   Here are some you can buy.     One that you can make is to make a square of logs and cover the bottom opening with hardware cloth.    Drive nails into the logs with the head angled down, then cut the heads off.    The nails snag the shells preventing turtles from climbing out of the center section of the trap.   Size, spacing, and length of nail left out determin the size of turtle kept in the trap.   Larger, well spaced nails for larger turtles and smaller, close together nails for smaller turtles.   You can mix to catch all size turtles

Ive seen these before..

I remember seeing one before that had two inward funnels on each end, that worked like a giant minnow trap.. Any experience with these?

Anyone have hints for catching snappers?  They don't seem to go into "normal" traps.  They keep taking out the ducklings  >:(

For snappers, try a setup similar to the one used for alligators.   Use a strong, smaller hook and a wire or chain leader to suppend a bait a few inches above the water.    If legal in your area, a lead injection, .22 cal works, to the head is another method of controlling snappers.


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