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What are your four? and advice on my choices...

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I'd consider a rifle with more reach, but I like the idea of a pistol caliber 357 lever gun for medium range, but you have no long range rifle.

My four (that I actually already own) are
Glock 19 with RMR milled into slide, extended threaded barrel and streamlight  light with IR laser
Ar15, billet lower with Larue stealth upper, trijicon red dot, magpul buis, IR laser
M1 Garand as it was in 1945
Serbu 50bmg single shot
(With 22lr conversions for the glock and ar15)

If I was dreaming Id have supppressors for everything and full auto, and swap the single shot for a barrett.

Wow, I just made a surprising discovery that has me rethinking the whole .357 lever gun. 

--- Quote ---With 125-grain handloads, the revolver averaged an even 1300 feet per second and 469 pound-feet of energy, while the carbine delivered 1937 fps and 1041 lb-ft. That’s a 49 percent velocity increase and a 122 percent increase in energy from the same cartridge. Yowza.
--- End quote ---

From here.

I had no idea that the improvement in energy was so dramatic.  Pretty much double the energy from the same bullet.  Impressive as hell and a lot more worth considering than I'd originally thought.  I still haven't found any numbers for 50 yard energy and I suspect it's still shy of what my state requires for the lawful taking of big game, but that's in the same league as the .30 carbine, which did the job of killing a lot of people in WWII.

This is a fun exercise to think about- I started a similar post on the General Firearms Discussion board called "$2000 Survival List", and there were some good posts that were really interesting.

So here's my four-
1) Marlin Model 60 (the old model, with the 18 round tubular magazine)
2) Used Ruger M77 Mk II .270 bolt-action rifle
3) Taurus Millenium Pro .45 ACP
4) Mossberg 500 12 gauge

Admittedly, the list is pretty vanilla, but I don't need to stand out. I just need a gun for (nearly) every situation.

I cheated, my choice of four are five
Pistola: Glock 19
rimfire rifle: Ruger 10/22
centerfire rifle:  AR-15
                       Winchester Model 70 in .30-06
Shotgun: Remington 870 in 12 gauge

I must use six.  If I am limited by numbers I won't leave without these . . . 

* Glock 22
* Ruger 10/22
* Remington 700BDL .338 RUM
* AR-15
* AR-10 SASS model
* Browning Auto 5 Light


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