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What are your four? and advice on my choices...

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Jerry D Young:
There are 7 primary types of weapons I want. There are more types I'd like to get, but the seven are most important to me, with the first 4 minimum.

1. MBR: PTR-91 .308
2. Primary hand gun: Glock 21SF .45 ACP
3. Dual purpose shotgun: Remington 11-87 Custom 12 gauge

4. Hunting/sniper rifle: Remington 700 .30-'06 (w/.32 ACP chamber adapters for small game)
5. Anti-materiel rifle: Want: Vigilance VR-1 .408 Cheytac (more likely a Remington 700 .375 H&H Magnum)

(6) Have: Hideout gun: Beretta Tomcat .32 ACP
(7) Want: Handout gun(s): 6 or so Auto Ordnance .30 M1 Carbines

Beretta 96 in .40
Browning a-bolt in 30-06
S&W AR-15

I do need a more self defense type of shotgun......I've got some O/U ers and a semi but no real self defense models...........It's a nagging hole that I plan to fix soon.  :)

Cooter Brown:
Glock 19

CR Williams:
I'll try it:

FN FS2000
Sig 556R
Ruger 10/22
Glock 17

If allowed to add two:

Likely, a semiauto 12ga and a .22 pistol of some type.

Pistol - Glock 22 .40 s&w
Rifle - AR15 Bushmaster/Custom .223/5.56
Shotgun - Beretta A400 Xplor .12ga
Rifle - Remington 750 .30-06

For my alt/Fifth - Pistol- Beretta P92

The only one of the above that I don't own is the Remington 750. However that may change if I get my bonus in March.  8)


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