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How many here are doing leatherwork?

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Oh my god!!!

That holster is so beautiful. Jaw dropped.

I'm salvage and scrap oriented when it comes to my personal leatherworking.
I'll post my work later today when I can snap a few photos.

It mostly revolves around scrap leather, and dental floss thread.
It's a bit punk, however it's done me well. Ain't nearly as pretty. lol!
Two thumbs up!  8)

I'm do leatherwork and starting to ramp it up in to a business venture.  The site is  I'm spending most of my time with belts, wallets, and journal covers for Field Notes.  Here are some pictures.  I recently made collars for Jack's three dogs - Lucy, Max, and Charlie.

Well it seems I'm not a genius at sharing photos.... :o >:( is the album on Flickr.

I bought out a gun leather shop earlier this year.  I've been working leather for a few years but I'm not a 'gun guy' and don't own any firearms.
I don't have very good ideas of how holsters should work, the ins and outs of what makes a good holster, the finer points.  I have some patterns that came with the sale but they're just squiggly shaped pieces of paper - I don't know what the finished product is supposed to look like, where the stitching lines are, how they fold, what they're called, which side goes out, etc.  Very frustrating.  So I've been making pieces that don't hold lives at stake for the most part.


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