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Fishing Gear for the Long Haul/After SHTF

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Look get u a big mess of hooks at wallmart and a crap load of start any thing can be used for the pole or can the pole and hand line the dang thing. Start out in your compost pile and get some of the worms and or do what we do let some thing rott and get the magets of it and use them. or use a sharp stick and some boxer shorts to speer them. DONT OVER THINK OR SPEND ON FISH bears dont and thay eat a lot of them

Canned yellow corn is some of the best, easiest trout bait there is.  I don't even bother with bait fishing because it's so easy it isn't fun.  Now FLY fishing is a real artform.

But I wouldn't rely on fishing as a reliable food source after TSHTF.  Way too many people are going to be doing it, and most places will be fished out very quickly.  If you REALLY love to eat fish, and want to have it after TSHTF, look into aquaculture.

I added a fishing box to my BOB.  Its the size of a small mint candy tin.  All I have is some line, hooks, weight and float.  Also some dehydrated bate stuff.  I saw such a kit on a YouTube video and thought  -   I might not be able to hunt, but I could sure catch a fish. :o

Angie has the right idea for SHTF and bugout purposes.  If you are situated so that you can use a conventional rod and reel (beter for casting distance and fighting a fish) then stick with fiberglass rods (Ugly Stick = "pretty") and a sturdy but not fancy open face spinning reel.  Definitely use the braided line since it is indestructible and has other survival uses.  I have about 10 rod/reel setups, with about 5 of then being graphite.  The graphite is better for feel and such, but they are fragile; so go with fiberglass for survival.

The Pocket Fisherman is a piece of junk, so if you don't fish much and you think that the Pocket Fisherman will fill the bill, you will be very disappointed.  DO NOT rely on the Pocket Fisherman (junk, junk, junk)!!  Instead, get a 5' telescoping spinning rod and an ultralight reel .  I have one that fits into a (semi-large) fanny pack along with a bunch of hooks, weights, and bobbers.  People are amazed when I pull the setup out of the fanny pack, extend the rod, and start fishing.  It is about as small as you can go with real equipment.

deer knitter:
Well I absolutely love to fish, so here's my take on it...We have fishing rods for every member of the household and more, there are 8 of us...we all have tackle boxes.  If you are planning on fishing deep water or off a boat or dock, sinkers with gulp baits work.  We use plain hooks, bobbers and worms/corn/gulp baits.  Or spinners with corn, since in our immediate area there are 3 fishing holes that are stocked with trout in our experience that works the best.  The other close fishing hole has perch and we use bobbers with hooks and worms and are very successful.  I would suggest though that rather than wait til a SHTF time, you hone your skills before anything happens.  It is called fishing and not catching for a reason.  I have used a fly rod for the last two years also, with limited success due to my limited ability.  It all takes practice.   I have a small Humminbird fish finder also that attaches to a rod, and it seems to work in locating them, but like horses to water, you can't make them bite.  We carry our fishing gear in the Jeep all spring, summer and fall.  We have collapible rods, two part rods and multipart rods.  I personally love my collapsible rods.  I also have a two part, simple from walmart that works just lovely. 
Essentials - rods, reels, hooks in various sizes, bobbers, bait, sinkers, stringer, fire starter, tinder, knife, multitool with pliers.  I carry all my essentials in a backpack with a tool belt for standing by the lake.  It has a hammer/tool holder where i hang the multitool clipped with a carabiner for easy access.  And depending where you fish/hike a pen bear banger/flare set may be a good idea along with bear spray.  My hubby keeps his attached to the outside of his is no use if it is inside hidden,


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