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Spring crappies

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 Mrs and I have been having a blast the past week with the crappies here in NE Ohio. Just fishing from shore, we were able to put 129 in the freezer in 3 days last week. They're averaging around 9", and the largest has been 11 3/4". What a blast to catch, especially when I use featherlight gear.

That's a nice looking black crappie. You're making me jealous with all this fishing.

Nice! The High Sierra trout opener was this last weekend, I wasn't able to make it but should be heading up there within the next month.

P.S.: Powerbait is where it's at! Lol

 Vulcan, actually I wasn't doing well at all with the Powerbait. I went to micro jig heads and 1" Gulp (in the jar), and could hardly make a cast without landing a fish.

Really? The trout out this way eat that stuff up (no pun intended lmao).

I've never fished for crappie, what do they generally like?


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