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What do you fish for?

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Trout, crab, clams. And if I am going to hurt them, I am gonna eat them. But if they are too small or wrong gender I do put them back.

Cedar - (who has owned her own pole since she was 2, first fish was a carp at 5 that was 1" taller than her and devastated we couldn't eat it and happy we could use it as crawdad bait).

<-- *will cook anything someone else catches and cleans*

Officially not a fisherwoman!  TexasGirl has fished two times in her life.  Once offshore with cousins (caught two nice Red Snapper), and once helping run trot lines from a John boat while family camping.  In a survival situation, maybe I'd try by myself, otherwise it's on the bottom of the list.

Cedar, I admire your ability to jump into things head first and come out winning.


I fish for "sport" but usually keep the keepers for family. I am not a big fish eater.

Around here we have flounder, fluke, Striped bass, bluefish, weakfish, Tau tog (blackfish), porgy, Mackerel, black sea bass and sea robin.  That's what we can catch from the mouth of the harbor or inside the harbor.
A bunch of people fish for eel as well. It all depends on what is running and in season.

There are also some ponds which are a little bit of a trip to get to which have brown trout, rainbow trout and brook trout. Pumpkinseed, bass and bluegill.


--- Quote from: TexasGirl on March 16, 2012, 09:55:20 AM ---Cedar, I admire your ability to jump into things head first and come out winning.

--- End quote ---

Well, the carp story was kinda funny and not very exciting as fishing stories go. I had my Snoopy pole and was fishing at Haystack Reservoir or some such place in eastern Oregon. I told my dad I had a fish on my line and he grabbed the tip of the pole and gave a couple tugs and said "No hon, no fish there".. I reel it a bit and say "Dad, I have a fish!" and he tugs on my line and feels nothing.. So 20 minutes later of reeling in and messing around as a kid will do. I start screaming "DAD! DAD! I have a fish!!" and even our friend came over to look since I am pretty sure I scared off all the fish for half the state with my screaming by then. Dad could now see the fish as it was half on the gravel and half in the water. It did not really move until he went to pick it up. Then it started thrashing. It had just kinda been playing "possum' until then I guess as I am sure it could have been able to haul me into the water as I know I would not have let go of my pole *LOL* I remember dad measuring the fish with a tape measure and then measuring me. I was so proud. It was the best fish in the whole world.

I bawled my eyes out as we could not have it for dinner and I did not understand why we couldn't eat it. But dad and his friend Bob said we could use it in the crawdad trap. Not sure why we didn't turn it loose. But we caught a lot of HUGE crawdads that day and had them for dinner so I was very happy.


Mmm.... Crawdad.  I'm glad you guys used the carp to at least catch something delicious.  I've never had Carp, just assumed it wouldn't be very tasty.  Around here, if they're in smaller lakes, they're off-limits and have to be returned promptly to the water as they're used to keep the algea and whatnot under control.

I'm generally in the same boat (haha) as most of you, if it's big enough to keep, I'm keeping it.  Have to watch the rivers though, most of 'em are too polluted to be real confident about eating the fish. We eat quite a bit of fish, and what's better than free fish?  We're mostly Bass (Largemouth, Smallmouth, and the occasional Kentucky), catfish, and bluegill around here.  We have tons of other fish around here, but for bank fishing, that's about the best we can do.  I'm working on a little aluminum Jon boat that I bought pretty cheap last fall, but it leaks.  Like most of you, I'm "cheap", and don't want to spend a dime that I don't have to... so a little elbow grease and some JB Weld and I should be in business on that one pretty soon.

Keep the fishing stories coming, it's warming up and time to get a line wet.


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