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What do you fish for?

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That question is meant to go two ways.

What kind of fish do you normally fish for? As well as; Do you keep your catch? In other words, do you fish for sport, or for food?

When we did fish it's been a while now  Salmon Steelhead Sturgeon trout and always for food.  Sometimes would go out and get oysters clams crabs and shrimp.   Between the fishing and hunting always kept the freezer full. 

A Pirate:
I always liked fishing/hunting for carp, something about fishing with a bow is just awesome. That was until someone called the cops and we where told there was no projectile shooting in there city and we had to leave. Shame killing carp is good for other fish and carp is tasty.

Give me my 8' kayak on still water over a few snags, a cigar and a couple cans of beer, a stringer and a collapsable fishing pole and I'm a happy man.  What do I fish for?  Peace of mind, solitude, and breaded bluegills in the pan.

The Sage of Monticello:
I have been unsuccessful fishing for brown trout in the Laramie river here in Wyoming. I was able to catch Brook trout and White Lake fish last year and I ate every catch.

I will release if it is tiny and keep the rest. I fly fish and enjoy eating my catch. I have access to Rainbow, Brown, Brook Trout, Cutthroat, in my area.


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