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as i was putting up most of my fishing gear i decided to throw together a couple pocket fishing kits.
these will be thrown in the car kits. thought i'd throw it out there for those new to fishing and not sure
what is needed. you could absolutely get by with less, but i think what i have here covers pretty much
everything i would fish for in a tough situation and what is in my area.

the can is 2" x 3 1/4" x 3/4". smaller than a pack of smokes and weighs slightly more.

~18' of limb line (forget how strong, 25# probably)
~32' of 12# mono
1 weighted bobber
4 weights
2 swivels
2 medium hooks
1 large hook
1 treble hook
1 black jig
1 chartreuse jig
1 rubber jig
1 beetle spin

not pictured
ranger band around the outside. it packs well and the lid is tight, but never hurts
small piece of foam, about 1 1/2" square and 1/4" thick. the hooks are stuck into that to reduce rattle

things to change
the 12# test, i wound that up using a drill and a dowel then slid off into the little baggie. mistake. that causes the line
to coil up like crazy. when you take it out it gets tangled big time. i've been looking for small sewing spools, but can't find
any that work well. i might try a small rectangle of cardboard with V's cut in the ends and wind it on that.

Nice kit. I have tinkered around with similar kits over the last year or so. Your cardboard idea should work fine for storing the line or you could also try using the same piece of foam that you store hooks in to store the fishing line. I cut a section of closed-cell foam in an hour glass shape and wrap the line around the narrow section. the loose end can be slipped into a slit cut in the foam to hold it and the hooks go into the "wide" ends of the foam section. I don't carry that many hooks so I can just drop the extras in the tin when I need to use the kit and line on the foam.

Remember that even a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work. ;)

Very nice kit! I think I'll try it with an altoids tin.

I put together one in a snus can as well. If you still want to use a spool for your line, I would suggest using a bobbin spool from a sewing machine.


--- Quote from: Herew on February 04, 2012, 08:44:05 AM --- I would suggest using a bobbin spool from a sewing machine.

--- End quote ---

Great idea, thank you!


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