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California CCW: Anyone got one?

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Go for it.  San Berdo Co is known as being pretty good about issuing.  Its a hassle, but partly because they are all busier than ever because so many people are applying.  It's usually a long process, so get it started sooner than later.

On a side note does anyone have any experience with Sonoma county? I may be living there some point in the future and would like to know what I'm in for ahead of time.

If I remember correctly, Sonoma is one of the "nicer" counties.  Not quite as nice as Kern (issued more CCW's then all other counties combined, IIRC)

Sonoma County native here - I looked into it a while back and found this helpful map:

It shows which counties issue and which don't. Actually, a surprising number of California counties seem to give permits to anyone who asks for one. Unfortunately, Sonoma is not one of them...

Having the permit from any county allows you to carry concealed anywhere in the state, so if your residence was in, say, Lake County, you should be able to get your permit there, and still carry concealed in Sonoma County. The commute is a little rough, but you wouldn't be the only one doing it.

Property prices in Lake County are a lot lower than Sonoma, but the job situation is a lot worse too.

Well, I'm now about 2/3rds of the way through the process, with the biggest hurdle, the background check, behind me.

I've been writing about the ordeal on this other thread, for those who might be interested:


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