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T Kehl:
Where can I find some info on fishing basics.  I haven't been fishing since I was seven when my grandpa was still alive.  Now twenty years later all I know is I need line, hook, sinkers, bobber, and bait.  I can still cast, kind of, as long as there is noone within 20'.  My method is to cast from the bank and wait for the bobber to move.

I do not have a boat, but any pointers on bank fishing would be appreciated.

BTW, I live in SW Missouri.  There are sever nice lakes nearby with Crappie, Bluegill, Bass, Catfish, and probably others. 


Claymore: has some pretty good info.

Field & Stream / Outdoor Life are great magazines that may help.  They have websites as well.

I wouldn't underestimate a trip out on the lake with a guide.  I know you asked about shore fishing, but they've typically taken me into smaller coves to fish.

EDIT: Linkified

T Kehl:
Thanks for pointing me the right direction!!!

This site is also a good resource.

A good method for bluegill and such is to use a small "rooster tail" lure. No weight. Cast out and slowly retrieve, they should hit on the surface. If fishing is slow add a small piece of worm to you hook. That extra scent will help them change their minds. Good Fishing


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