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successful hunting photos thread

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The Sage of Monticello:
Thanks for the kind words.

I have a doe, cow, and bull tag left.

I have not have a successful hunt, yet...  but I wanted to tag this thread, I am heading up Friday to see if I can take a SoCal muley.  I figure with successful thoughts, comes success. ;D

I have one doe and one cow tag for second season in Summit County.  I've never not seen one or the other in the area where I hunt; if there's snow on the ground the elk push the deer out of the area.  Pray for snow. ;)  Daddy needs a full freezer!

If I get nothing, it's back up to Wyoming for one last shot at antelope doe.  The last thing on my mind is freezing my tuckus off in the wind and cold of November in Wyoming trying to get maybe 50 pounds of meat in the freezer (if I bagged two doe).

Opening week of 2009 was certainly one to remember (mine is on the far right).  Certainly hoping this year provides a nice bounty as well.  Good luck all.


--- Quote from: hd45hunt on October 17, 2011, 08:02:50 PM ---Opening week of 2009 was certainly one to remember (mine is on the far right). 

--- End quote ---
Photographer's right or deer's right? ;D

So you took advantage of the Pizza Hut deal?  Regular price, four buck, four bucks, four bucks....


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