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Catfish Trotline

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Heading home tomorrow morning,so far I have ended up with about 100 pounds of catfish fillets plus about 20 pounds of smaller catfish that I didn't fillet.

Had the pleasure of fishing on the Santee about 20 yrs ago.. Had fun, not counting the dadblamed gar..

How do you deal with them on the trotlines ??

Caught two Gar on the trotline this year they were the only two I have caught in the three years I have been putting out trotlines on Santee, last year I caught three soft shell turtles.

jasperg357 nice job on the fish , are they mostly channel? gars fine far to if eaten before its stone cold.
1 looked like a blue , i run limb lines for flats and cold water blues, then if the bait dies then any old channel will eat it.
i run trot lines down the banks for channel in the spring. 2 foot of water and 3 foot out.

shade heads for bait Ive caught 4 lb bass on the river. and a 2 lb croppie. you never know what you'll get.

Pretty much just catch blues on the trotline with some channel cats and flatheads every now and then, I have my best luck using herring as bait. Sometimes you will catch a gar,turtle are eel.


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