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Did anyone notice that the nets they were using on "The Colony" had not weights on them?

I'm no expert on nets but when we lived in Florida, Dad and I would go cast nets for mullet to use as bait. 

Obviously in order for a net to work it must have weights.  Nets will not sink well under their own weight.  You throw it over top of something while its sinking they skitter out.

Jus sayin.


I agree. All the pictures and film I've seen of people fishing with nets, the edges were weighted. Even with gill nets the bottom edge is weighted and the top has floats called the cork line.

Oh...Forgot about the cork line. 

There is definitely a technique to casting a cast net.  Its not hard to learn but the net has to spread full open at the very last moment or nothing.  The perfect cast is a thing of beauty though.


In Alaska during the Salmon runs locals can acutall take part part of the harvest using nets onpole.  It is a quite amazing hauling out the fish from the bank using a 12 foot pole with a net on the end all the while seals were also hunting them in the bay and actually pushing them to you.  The uncanny thing feeling is more harvest than sport fishing.  Most everyone was happy even though it is wet and cold.  We use excess meat cuts and eggs to supplement chicken feed.  Long story longer the color of the mesh on the net seemed to have an affect on how the fish reacted or would attempt to avoid them.

I got some bread to feed the fish today while my wife swam in the lake.   With the ducks eating more of the bread than the fish, I got to thinking if I had someone with me to feed the ducks and I had a cast net........   A cast net is not just for fish,as a teenager I used a throw net to catch loose dogs.    Any bird or mammal, the size limit depends on size and strength of the net, that you can get within cast range can be caught.


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