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Ice fishing for the north US + Canada.

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Rick Larson:
Check out the perch fishing on the ice at Little Bay de Noc Michigan:


--- Quote from: will1378 on March 09, 2010, 10:11:00 PM ---anyone have any ideas for shtf and getting through a crapload of ice?
--- End quote ---

Never done it myself but have a lot of friends who simply use a chain saw.  Of course your prep's will have to include a saw, oil, and gas.

Canadian Prepper:
I'm optimistic that the cool weather we're currently facing will make it possible for me to ice fish the local pond this winter, unlike this past January and February.

It's a great way to have lots of fun and fish areas that are otherwise difficult to access. I would have hardly guessed that the local pond is so full of perch based upon the warmer weather shore fishing which mostly lands the bluegills and handful of crappie that hang around the shore. The overall investment isn't that huge either and I could easily host several friends on the ice.

I have to go out and punch a few holes to see how thick we are [80.5'' of snow fall this season]
I hope the snow blew off the ice so it does not insulate it,temps running around 0 or less
would really like some fresh fish  ;D



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