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Cheap source for defense ammo

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I might regret this. But you can go here for cheap defense ammo:
To put it in perspective a box of 20 230gr Speer Gold Dots are $22 from Sportsman's Warehouse. The same ammo is $32 for a box of 50 from Streichers. I have ordered from them before and have not had a problem (except that their sight is slow :-P )

Do they allow civilians to purchase boxes of Hyrdo Shok Two?  I had to go to an independent source, Ammunition To Go, as they had it in surplus.  Many ammo dealers won't sell it to civvys even though it's a restriction Federal uses, not any legal one.

They will sell ammo to civvys, but not armor.

Try, they pretty much only sell by the case, but you can get 500 rounds of 9mm GDHP for $225, I think 22.50 per 50 is great, considering I paid that over a year ago for a box of 20 local.

I do not know if there is any "cheep" ammo anywhere any more.  Much less the selfdefence type.

But Wideners at

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Has lots of stuff for the shooter and reloader.

This is an example.

HO91328 40 S&W 155gr. HP/XTP TAP-FPD $12.45 per 20 round box

They are located in the city I live in and I know them to be good guys.


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