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Primary/Backup Caliber Mixing...


I currently have a Glock 19 ( 9mm ) and when I get my plastic (CHL) it's what I plan on carrying, but I am getting the itch to get a .45. I was thinking of carrying the .45 and using my G19 as my back up in my EDC. Besides having to carry an extra mag for each I can't think of a reason why it wouldn't be fine.

Any thoughts?

-- Jeremy

Tommy Jefferson:
I think it's best to stock and maintain as few calibers as possible.  Me, my wife, my kids, and my parents all run 9mm, 5.56mm, and 12 gauge.   Just those three.  We got rid of all our guns that shoot other calibers (30-30, 308, 2.47, 7.62, 40, 45, 20ga., etc.)

It's less magazines to worry about.  It's easier to stock.  It's easier to train.

I'm not a "gun person".  I don't hunt or go shooting for fun.  I just want the minimum tools necessary to provide security for me and mine without a lot of expense, tending, and bother.

I prefer minimizing calibers too.  My stock currently holds 9mm for handguns, 223 and .30-06 for rifles and 12 gauge for shotguns.  My round count is in the thousands range and it is nice that it is spread over fewer calibers to keep "users" running longer. 

I would like to add a 22 some day, but can get by with light 223 loads and the 12 gauge rounds if needed.  Totally off subject, I would like a 458 Socom bigboy as well, but that will probably never happen.   ;)

That's a very good point I wasn't thinking about economics of supporting two calibers. Maybe I will get another G19 in OD :)

Thanks guys!

-- Jeremy

The other concern is cost for practice.  9 mm is so much cheaper that it really makes sense for me.  I have read enough reports and studies that confirm the applicability of 9 mm that it just doesn't make sense to go with a 45 for something I will shoot often.


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