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All right everyone, I challenge you to this weekend to start a fire w/o using a match or lighter. Go ahead, do it... Learn, make mistakes, learn again. Let us know how it goes....
Can you do it???

Hell no.

I can barely start a fire with a flame thrower.

This is a serious question...  Would a nine volt and steel wool be considered cheating? 

I'd say if it's something you carry in your BOB or have locally, then it's legal.
But, I didn't make the challenge, but the wording leave ANYTHING up for grabs except the lighter or matches.
Worded this way gives you the option of using the auto-igniter on your stove, gas fireplace, tracer or APIT rounds.....

But, for honest to goodness trying, I'd stick to what you have in your BOB or Survival kit.
Just me, tho.  I'll try the gallon of gasoline and flint/steel again........once I get my eyebrows back :o

(please don't call Darwin on yourself, DO NOT USE GASOLINE AND A FLINT/STEEL.....PLEASE DON'T~!!!!!)

Fire steel and alcoholic hand sanitizer... works even with wet tinder!


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