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Title: Ruger American
Post by: DDJ on September 23, 2019, 10:48:36 AM
2 questions
1) anyone with experience with the Ruger Americans (Specifically in 308 and with AI pattern Magazines)
2) Can someone confirm that AI pattern magazines is the AR10 style (AI = Armolite Industries?)

I inherited one in .223 from my father which uses the rotary magazines.  I like it a lot, for a bolt gun.  I am disappointed in the feel of the 1 rotary magazine I got with it.  Also they are expensive.  I am looking for something with a little more punch and a little longer legs so I am thinking I want a .308. This seams like a good platform.  In general I like Ruger products and the one I have shoots good when I do my part.  It is on the table and I was just wanting other input.  Since I can not use .308 in Ohio for Deer I am in a debate over the practicality.  I am wrestling with a defensive tool with legs "when is defense distance too far out to be defense"
Title: Re: Ruger American
Post by: DDJ on September 23, 2019, 11:03:07 AM
I forgot question number 3.

3) Ruger offers these with the vortex Cross fire II (3-9x40) scope as a set.  I think it saves a lot on the scope doing it that way.  Any thoughts there, specifically on durability?

That may be the scope that is in the .223 and I am fighting to get the focus right with my bifocals.  Again I think that is a shooter issue not a gun or scope issue.
Title: Re: Ruger American
Post by: NWPilgrim on September 29, 2019, 08:26:40 PM
I think caliber for defense depends on your area.  For urban/suburban the .223 is probably ideal except for the mags.  In which case if defense is a real concern for this rifle I would consider an AR15 pattern.  It has great ergonomics and optics platform, and if you stock up on mags the cost savings offset much of the cost of the rifle.  Although a few ten round rotary mags in your Ruger should be plenty for any defense short of total societal breakdown. The main thing is to get some quality defensive ammo which is also very good for larger pests such as coyotes if you live in a rural area (ranch/farm lands).  Winchester 64 gr SP, or my favorite Federal Fusion 62 gr PSP.  The 75-77 gr HP/tipped match loads  are also rated good for non-barrier defense.  That is easily good defense out to 250 yds, further for a good rifleman.  Hard to imagine a self defense situation where you need to shoot much beyond 50 yds., but doesn't hurt to have the option.

The .308 is a bit much for self-defense unless you are in the boonies or have lots of black bears intruding (rare), or expect to defend form vehicle mounted attack.  That can be effective to at least 500 yds, so short of war or hunting large game I think it has much less use for defense than a .223 which is lighter, easier to handle quickly, holds more rounds, and has less over-penetration. If I lived in the southwest with wide open desert and possibility of drug criminals then I would probably want a .308 for stand off distance (assuming I encounter them on open range or my own land).  Not a stand you ground defense but scoot and only shoot to keep scootin'.

It depends on your environment and expected threats (likelihood of occurring and degree of risk).