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Altoids Tin EDC Kit

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David in MN:

--- Quote from: Carl on January 05, 2015, 06:20:40 AM ---But I carry bandages,money,duct tape,electrical tape,spare keys ,P38 and bandages in my wallet and a bic lighter,led light ,550,and knife in my pocket.I guess I should put them all in one box ,that is inconvenient to open ,not waterproof and less likely to be carried every day due to the size...

Talk me into this , I know it is better to have a KIT than a bunch of stuff in my wallet and pockets that I carry anyway.....

I am not looking for a confrontation, I really want to know how it is better....

--- End quote ---

It's a way to contain it all. Truth be told it's more of an urban edc challenge. An Altoids tin is about the largest non-crushable container you can carry. Buy one and fill it, it's a fun exercise.

Mine has:

Band Aid (2)
Alcohol pad (2)
Antibiotic gel (1)
Sudafed (1)
Anti-diarrheal (1)
Allergy pill (1)
Post it notes (5)
Minimag Maglite
Swiss Army Knife
Safety pin (2)
Razor blade (1)
P38 can opener
Q tip (2)

It sounds dumb but carrying that little tin gets me out of most jams. The run of the mill cut or swinging by a house with a dog are handled. Call me crazy but the tweezers on the knife probably get the most mileage. I'd highly recommend trying this out for a few bucks. You might be surprised how useful it is.


--- Quote from: Nate on January 05, 2015, 06:04:04 AM ---I would ditch the matches and go with a small bic lighter.  I have used matches in kits before, both book and wooden, and after a few years in the kit they seem to be finicky to start.  I want fire NOW with as little headache as possible so I have switched to Bics.
--- End quote ---

I originally planned to include a mini Bic but ran out of space. What would you leave out to substitute the lighter for the matches? Maybe I'll just make sure to replace the matches periodically.

--- Quote from: Carl on January 05, 2015, 06:20:40 AM ---Talk me into this , I know it is better to have a KIT than a bunch of stuff in my wallet and pockets that I carry anyway.....

--- End quote ---

This is a good point. I suppose it depends on your daily activities and how you organize. There is a balance between having useful things with you and lugging them all around. Some people like to have a utility belt (literally or figuratively) worth of tools and supplies with them at all times. I prefer to be a little more streamlined, so I take a modular approach.

I generally keep most of the items you listed on my person. These items are used nearly everyday, so it makes sense to have them with me and highly accessible. Pockets and wallet work well for organization.

Other (different or redundant) items are used on a weekly or monthly basis. It's not necessarily worth the bulk of keeping them on you, but it could be good to have them accessible. Since many people generally have a bag or vehicle around, that's the natural place to store them. And since these items are possibly bulkier or more numerous, it makes sense to assemble them into a self-contained kit. Some people go further and create multiple, specialized kits. For me, a single, simple kit should suffice. And by packing it according to likelihood of using each item, I will rarely need to dig all the way to the bottom.

The next level up in my modular approach is the bag I keep in my truck. This extends into other things like food/water, more extensive first aid, tools, change of clothes, etc.

By this logic, you could keep going all the way up to include your preps at home.

I would add that dental floss and the packaged Tylenol/aspirin...etc are handy too...and if Altoids can is used...maybe a sandwich bag to rain proof the 'kit'. It fits more the role of a Possibles kit ,and if the tin helps you remember your be it.

I built one of these a couple years ago.   Same type of stuff in it....birthday candles, tape, razor blade, bandaids, etc etc.    I carried it for awhile and stopped.  It went from EDC to NDC for no other reason than I was tired of being weighed down all the time.  Pockets bulging out with a bunch of stuff. 

I posted similar comments about carrying a backup gun too.   After awhile, it just got to be too much.   It wasn't comfortable to have all that crap in my pockets :(. 

My EDC doesn't include the altoid tin anymore, but I didn't discard it either.   It's right here on my desk, and I should throw it in the glove box of the car as a spare assortment of gadgets.   

My buddy put together a cool snuff can EDC kit.
I would post picture but I can't figure out how to.


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