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Third case of bird flu in China



Third case of bird flu in China

I've just found this story thought i would let you all know.

According to the Ministry of Health, a 16-year-old boy in central Hunan province is badly ill after contracting the H5N1 bird flu virus.

The teenager reportedly entered a hospital in Hunan on January 16 and the province disease control centre confirmed he was infected.

"The patient's condition is critical," the Ministry of Health said in a statement on its website. It added that the boy previously had "contact with dead poultry".

China has warned of the risk of further human cases of bird flu ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday which starts next Monday after reporting two new cases over the weekend.

China had not seen a single human infection in almost a year, but it has now confirmed four cases in less than two weeks.

Two of the cases have died - a 27-year-old woman in eastern China over the weekend and a 19-year-old woman in Beijing earlier this month.

"As the Spring Festival approaches, there are frequent movements of poultry products and the risk rises of virus outbreaks and transmission," the Agriculture Ministry said in the statement.

Hong Kong's top health official, York Chow, called on China to release the results of epidemiological tests into the three cases.

He also voiced concern over the possibility of "silently infected chickens" carrying or transmitting the disease without showing outward bird flu-like symptoms.

The latest infections bring China's total to 34 human bird flu cases. At least 22 people have died.


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