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Anyone keep bees?

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Anyone keep bees? I'm planning to get into this early next year when swarm season starts.
If you do, here are some quick questions if you don't mind:
-How many hives do you have?
-What type of hives (Langstroth or Top bar or ?)?
-How much honey do you get per hive?
-How much comb/wax do you get per hive (if you collect it)?


Mrs. ElyasWolff:
I don't have bees but my stepdad did. I can't remember how many jars of honey we would get from just the two hives we had but enough for us and then we would sell the extras at the end of our country road. I would keep bees myself but bees have always made me nervous since I was stung repeatedly by three yellow jackets. Mostly from what I remember the bees do most of the work until harvest time when you harvest the comb slide/slats that are more than the bees need the trick is suits and smoke. Sorry not real helpful info but just thought I would put in what I observed.  Im sure you can check out youtube for some instruction videos once you get set up. Here too is a good site about the basics.

Thanks for your info Mrs. ElyasWolff. I'm trying to find a local mentor so I can get some hands on experience before I get some hives.

before you think about investing in bees, You might want to find out Colony Abandonment Syndrome. I think it's called that, or a close derivative. The data's still coming in but its starting to show that an external element like weed killer etc. is affecting them. Scientists think that (X) is destroying their ability to find their way back to the hive. It's not tinfoil hat stuff.

This is our second year with bees.  I purchased one hive form an apairy and caught our swarm for our second hive.  I like working with them, I was a little nervous at first.  The first year I gopt plenty of honey.  This year the white clover had a fungus,(because it made the horses slobber)and they did not produce as much so I did not take ant this year, because the bees are more important to us than the honey.  I check them visually every couple weeks, and get into the hive every other month.  I suppose you are supposed yo check them more, but I prefer to just let them work.


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