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I figured before I ask for a new board to be created I would start this thread to see if there is any interest in EDC.

I carry a Timbuktu Laptop Messenger bag to and from work every day so I keep a FAK, a Swiss Army Knife, Pens, Notepad, Laptop, etc in there, but recently I realized that on the weekends when I go out I am limited to what I can shove in my pockets. So now I am in search of an EDC bag for the weekends. I guess it's the Boy Scout in my but EDC of some sort is just basic personal preparedness.

Is there interest in EDC?
What do you carry daily?

-- Jeremy

DrGonzo if this isn't a good place to post this move it where you'd think would be best.  ;D

I have actually been on the outlook for a good priced EDC. Currently, other than the stuff in my BOV, I carry a 2 way radio, back up batteries, lighter, head lamp, and earphones with MP3 player that can pick up AM/FM radio. That fits in my lunch bag. However, I am looking for something bigger and better (and perferably something without woodland or military camo).

I EDC a black messenger bag my wife got for me years ago at the GAP, I believe.  It's been a good bag but lately I've been eyeballin' it thinking I might get with SOE Tactical to see if they could use my basic bag as a base to start, & updating it per some of my requirements.  I'm thinking of tougher cordura than my current bag is made out of, also some MOLLE webbing & a few pockets for specific items I'd like to have close at hand.

At work I'm only about 2 minutes from my house so I don't carry a whole lot with me.  Basic first aid stuff, flashlight, knife, lighter a few personal OTC drugs.  If SHTF I'm just a skip from the casa & can be there quickly.

Oh, I like your idea for a new board too BTW. ;)

I live where I work but I still have a few items that are EDC where ever I go.  Here they are:

Gerber Compact 400 multi-tool. 
Single blade locking folder.  Right now I am in between knives because I broke my benchmade vex.  Today I am carrying a small schrade folder.  I am looking at getting a Ka-Bar dozier with the big thumb hole.  I am done with liner lock knives and this one has a traditional lock like a Buck 110.
Bic Lighter with child proof REMOVED.  I am not a child. 
Cotton bandana
In wallet:  Hidden large bill.  Credit card survival tool and a fresnel lens.

Depending on what keys I am carrying I have a whistle and flashlight on the keychain.

I carry a backpack at work and inside I have these items:
first aid kit
water bottle
beefy firesteel and a huge ass bar of magnesium
Spool of jute twine
petzl tikka plus headlamp
Military crooked neck D-cell flashlight (made in my hometown by the way)
1Gig flash drive

I am an Eagle Scout....Be Prepared!  I like the idea of an EDC thread.  Go for it!

John Willis:
This is a repost from my forum.

This is a bag we started making about a year ago. It has evloved a bit after carrying it around every day.

13" wide x 10.5" tall x 4.5 deep.


Front. 4 single mags. I was playing with the lids which are removable. I made two single lids and made one that covers two mags. We will proabably add a removable flap that covers the top and front of the bag like what you see on all the atache cases. I left slots under the velcro on the front of the mags so we can run bunggee accross the front of them.


The mag pouches will carry m4 or ak mags.


On the back there is a flat zippered pocket. The inside is lined with velcro so you can atach holsters and pouches. There is also a tuck away waist strap on the back.


Here is a shot from the top.


Here is the maine compartment. You can see inside there is a nalgeen and 1 qt canteen. It will also hold a 2 qt in between them to give you an idea of the size.


There is a flat pocket on each of the walls inside. Both sides of the pockets are lined with With velcro. We are going to make velcro backed pockets and scuba webbing with elastic slot for variuos items like what we did with the bible covers.


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