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This is my fish raising setup, I have raised 100 catfish to 2 pounds in it. I have bluegill in it now. The tank is 1200 gallons, The IBC is used as a filter, it is filled with a few thousand shredded plastic bottles for filter media, also it is setup for aquaponics too, I have grown lettice, mint and watercress. The water from the tank waters my raised bed gardens from a pump and timer, and the tank is kept full with a float valve.

I applaud your engineering and your ingenuity. If there was just some way to recycle your waste into the stream, you'd have a complete circle of life :)
Nice Job!

+1 nice. Can we get more details on how you did this?

I'd also like some more info and pics if you will Thanks!

I learned it all here,


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